District 4 November 2022 Meeting Minutes

District 4 – Virtual District Meeting
November 8, 2022
6:30 p.m.
Mtg. ID: 863 7353 3658
Password: 230403

Chair, Sue B, called the meeting to order at 6:32 with the Declaration of Unity.
Present: Sue B., Nancy G., Anne, Stephen, Sue L., Cody, Andrew P., Genie, Cathy, Amy
Correction was made to Oct minutes: Sue L. and Nancy are the Co-chairs for hosting the Jan 7th General Assembly at St. Andrews.

  1. Chair report:
    • Andrew L has made “Save the Date flyers” for the Jan GSA
    • Please return Accessibilities questionnaires to Becky, Area Accessibilities Chair
    • Area 50 Inventory is now live and can returned in 3 ways:
    o Fill in online here: http://area50wny.org/inventory-questions/
    o Download .pdf at Area50WNY.org, fill in and email to: a50ttloinventory@gmail.com
    o Download copy, fill in and mail to: Inventory Survey, 40 Prout Road, Freeport, ME 04032
    • Sue B. has copies of Area 50 handbook
    • The Why Group no longer meets, we’d like to visit other groups on Elmwood on District 4 and see if they still meet or have a GSR
    • We’d like to visit churches in the Ken-Ton area and see if they need pamphlets or new tear-off sheets
    • District 6/7 is hosting a Sharing Session Nov 21st @ The Well titled “What is a Home Group?”
  2. Treasurer Report:
    • Treasury Balance is $969.69 after $300 in contributions and $300 in bills
    • Nancy is working on sending thank you’s to contributing groups
  3. Accessibility report: NONE
  4. Archives Committee report:
    • Archives is available to come out to Group events
    • Lunch was a success
    • They are always looking for volunteers to convert analog records to digital
    • Central Office can always use help folding New Frontiers
  5. PIC Report:
    • Anne could use volunteers to help staff the table at Buff State and expand to other colleges
    • Billboard are up at Hertel and Elmwood
  6. Webchair Report: NONE
    Area Service Committee Presentation: NONE
    Old Business:
    • Update on hosting January GSA – Andrew L. would like to work on the flier to go out for the GSA but maybe wants someone to help
    • Nancy and Sue L. discussed lunch options – make your own taco salad bar. Looking into pre-made packages of taco meat, or preparing ourselves.
    • Stephen volunteered to help in any way
    New Business:
    • Think about asking sponsees to help with PI and maybe expand to libraries
    • Nancy has been communicating with Corrections Committee and they could use men to work with the Alden Correctional facility
    Meeting closed at 7:31 with the Responsibility Declaration.
    Respectfully submitted by Secretary, Amy H.

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