District 4 December 2022 Meeting Minutes

District 4 – Virtual District Meeting
December 13, 2022
6:30 p.m.
Mtg. ID: 863 7353 3658
Password: 230403

Chair, Sue B, called the meeting to order at 6:32 with the Declaration of Unity.
Present: Sue B., John H., Nancy G., Sue L., Andrew P., Katie L., Cathy, Amy H.
Reading of the minutes was waived.

  1. Chair report:
    • Welcome Katie, GSR from Easy Does It:)
    • David is now our District 4 CPC Committee Chair
    • Area Budget Vote will be at the next General Assembly January 7th. We will also be discussing the Area Inventory results
    • 2023-2024 Schedule for assemblies and Area Committee meeting was approved
    • Please continue to distribute the Accessibilities questionnaire. Sue has copies if you need
    • Purpose Group 10am Saturday has moved from our district to Dist 5
    • New York State Information Workshop (NYSIW) will be hosted by our Area the last weekend in July. Committee s forming and needs help. They have secured a venue and the website is already up and running
    • We have met many goals of the proposed vision for District 4:
    o Making sure all groups have GSR’s
    o Adding District Committees like Accessibilities, Archives, CPC, PI?
    o Sponsoring Days of Sharing and hosting events like assemblies
    o GSR Education had added a monthly virtual Coffee Hour first Monday of the month 7pm
    o Sue expressed her gratitude for our district efforts:)
  2. Treasurer Report:
    • Treasury Balance is $1900.69
    • Hosting the GSA in January will use funds and we may want to discuss use of excess funds
    • We now have a TIN as a “non-profit social club” which will make banking easier and more transferable.
    • Nancy is working on sending thank you’s to contributing groups
    • Contributions can be sent to: NGierman113@gmail.com
  3. Accessibility report: NONE
  4. Archives Committee report:
    • We continue to welcome new members to our committee.
    • We have lots of projects that need to be worked on in our repository.
    • We also welcome groups + committees to welcome us to group anniversaries – picnics – gatherings + area days of sharing as we love to come to these events – meet new people – + expose our work to area groups and members.
    • We wish everyone a Merry Christmas – Happy Holidays + Happy New Year.
    • Respectfully submitted by Joe V V-member of University Men’s Closed Discussion + member of Archives Committee.
  5. PIC Report: NONE
  6. Webchair Report: NONE
    Area Service Committee Presentation: NONE
    Old Business:
    • Update on hosting January GSA -Nancy and Sue have things in hand with food-shopping and cooking but will need volunteers for set up and clean up
    • They will try to visit the church next week to see about set up, WiFi etc.
    • A flier is already circulating
    • We might want to all be early to make sure things are set up and ready
    New Business:
    Meeting closed at 7:14 with the Responsibility Declaration.
    Respectfully submitted by Secretary, Amy H.

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