Fellow AAs,

Last weekend, the General Service Board (GSB) met during its quarterly board weekend. We wanted to let you know as quickly as possible that, at the board’s request, Linda Chezem has resigned as a Class A Trustee and Chair of the Board.

First and foremost, the GSB wants to assure you that we continue to affirm our commitment to the board’s single mission—serving the Fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous.

We also want to emphasize that the departure of our chairperson is receiving the highest level of attention. As First Vice Chair of the General Service Board (per the slate of officers elected at the 2022 General Service Conference), and with the approval of the Board in a special session held last Monday, I have now assumed the role of Interim Chairperson until the close of the GSC in April 2023. My service as Southwest Regional Trustee will also end at that time.

We have initiated the process, through our Nominating Committee, to elect a new chair and the GSB commits to keeping you informed as we move forward.  

We understand news of this nature will raise questions and concerns. Openness and transparency within our Fellowship is not only important, it’s vital. However, just as we hold much in confidence with our fellow A.A. members and prospects, similar discretion must be applied to some of the work we do when serving in our roles as trustee members of the General Service Board. In that spirit, and during this very challenging time, the General Service Board and its affiliates, A.A. World Services and A.A. Grapevine, ask for your patience, understanding, and trust.

Sending much A.A. love to each of you,

Jimmy D.
Interim Chair, General Service Board

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